SMS voting and Elections…..

Looking at the success of Indian Idol and many other SMS voting pro grammes SMS voting is being considered to be introduced for the next elections. Voters then wont have to go to the voting booth for casting their vote. They will be able to do that inside the comforts of their house . Even Presidential elections will have the SMS voting available. It looks like a win win situation for every one. The voter is happy coz he can now cast his vote even on the move while the politicians are happy coz the 1 vote per voter system would now be replaced by 1 vote per mobile. Many are looking to even purchase some stake in existing cell phone companies.

The SMS voting system would then be introduced while you are applying for a job. A java programmer would then have to keep on applying by SMS . NO matter which version of java he knows or how many years of experience he has, the job would only go to the candidate who had applied for the job the highest number of times. Many HR departments would love this approach as they then would not have to waste resources on Interview panels. All the hard work would be done by the candidate.

Looks like SMS voting is here to stay!!

Enviornmental friendly Ganesha idols …

One of my friends mailed me some pics showing the morning after ‘Ganesh Visrajan’ at some beach….Looking at the pics it feels like we really need to change our tradition of immersing mega size idols or we need to work something out immediately for creating environmental friendly idols.

If one is least concerned about the environment alteast he needs to fear the god whom he prays a day before and leaves his statue in such a state the next day.

Forgive us Ganesha.