My new WebSite

Finally I got a domain registered for my new website .Its Right now the site does not has anything much. In future I aim to combine this blog and my other info which is presently stored across multiple places into this site.

The main reason i registered this domain was because i liked the idea of having the email id ..Isnt that kool 🙂 . Since i was purchasing the domain i thought a full fledged website with my own name would be a good idea when i am feeling down and need some thing to boost up my ego or when i am in a mood to brag in front of others.

Imagine if a remake of the super hit Deewar is done then the classic Amitabh -Shashi kapoor dialog would be something like this

Q: Aaaj mere pass Gaadi hai,Bangla hai..kya hai tumhare paas ??
A: Mere paas Mera naam ka website hai! .

Indian Companies..Indian Values

Recently I got a feel of Indian culture and values that is very much rooted in Indian Companies even though they are now global brands. My company whom i am ecmployed with i.e STG (Systems Tasks Group International Ltd) got acquired by Mastek an Indian Offshore outsourcing company and a much bigger and better brand. Around the same time Google acquired a company named Doubleclick.

Announcements after the acquisition:

Mastek- Not a single employee will lose their job.
Google – Expect job cuts

Its been few days after the acquisition and Google has announced that it will lay off 300 at DoubleClick. Well in my company’s case we are still holding our jobs .

Although there are more dynamics involved related to the actual money going in and coming out and many other factors ,its good that Indian companies till now have not fully embraced the hire and fire culture which is common in US culture .

Well nobody’s complaining 🙂