Customer Service..SBI istyle

Public sector companies have their own definition of customer service. I got a taste of SBI’s customer service few days back. It started with a advertisement on SBI website. I have reproduced the text from ther advt below.

“OnlineSBI enables you to open a new account online. You can apply for a new account only in branches where you already have accounts….”

I applied for one. After 2 weeks I get a call from SBI..Tring Tring..

me: Hello

SBI branch clerk: Me SBI tun bolthe aahe

me: Bola

SBI: Tumhi Account opening che request taakle hota kaa?

me: Ho..

SBI (thundering): Tumhi aas karat jaau naka!

me: Kai zala madam, Online option hota account open karach site madhe..

SBI (again thundering) : Tyana kai aahe! tey kai pan detat site madhe..aamcha kaam vadtya hai na…. Teh asa nahi hoth account open..Tumala bank madhe yaylach lagel..

me (in fear): Okk madam..

I love public sector companies 😉