My new WebSite

Finally I got a domain registered for my new website .Its Right now the site does not has anything much. In future I aim to combine this blog and my other info which is presently stored across multiple places into this site.

The main reason i registered this domain was because i liked the idea of having the email id ..Isnt that kool 🙂 . Since i was purchasing the domain i thought a full fledged website with my own name would be a good idea when i am feeling down and need some thing to boost up my ego or when i am in a mood to brag in front of others.

Imagine if a remake of the super hit Deewar is done then the classic Amitabh -Shashi kapoor dialog would be something like this

Q: Aaaj mere pass Gaadi hai,Bangla hai..kya hai tumhare paas ??
A: Mere paas Mera naam ka website hai! .