We are moving towards a world where religion is driving many people to harm/kill fellow beings. The concept of religion is good and I feel it has played a very important role in human history by serving as a moral compass. Without any moral compass, we might have got lost and become directionless.

My theory is that any religion (set of rules) was designed to keep the flock together so that the flock could reproduce, be happy and ensure the future generations survive. This worked well when different religion were practiced in different parts of earth, somewhat like WIFI channels. When different people use their own WIFI routers in a same area, we have clashing of channels also called as Interference. Different religions were created at different point of time and have their own biases, plus and minus. Not all religions are same. Some are designed to believe that they are only one existing and as a result are intolerant of others. Some believe that others are substandard product and only they are pure stuff thus causing superiority complex in them.

Humans are complex emotional beings and it would be foolish to believe that our ancestors would have been satisfied with only religion. When we have 10 different companies making similar Android phones, multiple types of alcoholic drinks , hundreds of different food recipes, multiple languages across different cultures how can a single religion satisfy all of us. ?

Coming back to my compass example, In a sea journey we depend on the compass for guidance but we need to understand that there can be rocks or icebergs in way. We need to apply our minds and move by skipping those obstacles. Also different ships may have compass from different brands. This does not mean only your compass is best and only you would reach the destination. Every compass has different features, packaging but they all serve the same purpose – To help you reach your destination safely and on time.

Sad part is we now have salesmen who spread hate about other religions and try to prove that only the one they practice is best. Some convert others. Some kill. End result is same – They create and spread lot of poison in the process.

I am not saying that we should give up religion. That would be like to stop eating food since we are gaining weight. We really need to introspect and start teaching the next generation to be more tolerant of others religious choices. Your religion may already have this feature without you realizing but that does not mean you should not appreciate it. In case yours does not has this feature, apply your mind, skip the rocks and icebergs.

Listen to your mind and not to the salesman.

my customized aquarium top filter setup

I bought a top filter for my aquarium. It overflew twice most probably due to an incorrect  setup. I had my desktop PC under the aquarium and any overflow incident was a serious issue. It was then I felt the need for something similar to a trip switch. The bucket with the money plant serves as the trip switch aka the overflow protection. Water coming from the filter + Overflowed water from the water (worst case) will safely pass through the outlet of the bucket.auqarium_filter2


Why I dont always like a Facebook Like

Scenario: A famous personality passes away.

Real life: People offer condolences and pray for his soul.

Facebook:  Half a million people like it!

Check the below image from my Facebook feed for proof – 13k Likes for the news about sad demise of our former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.


I am not sure why this is so hard for people to understand but i have seen multiple times the same thing occur.

This post is my attempt to educate such Facebook users that liking a post means literally when you LIKE something. It is NOT NECESSARY to like each and every post on Facebook. There is no law in India or in any other country which jails you for not liking a post. For humanity’s sake , apply  0.0001% of the wonderful thing available to you i.e your brain and think before you press the Like button.

Sharing a sad news is perfectly OK and is normal. Liking it is NOT considered OK by normal human beings.

Something at stake

Got some practical entrepreneurship Gyan yesterday from a friend over lunch time discussion.

You can never achieve your goals as an entrepreneur till you have something at stake.

It could be money, house or your self respect. Prior to this discussion i was working on a “zero budget” or “low budget” idea. I am a changed man now 🙂

Misleading AD about HP laptop upgrade

The below HP ad is MISLEADING.



Just because Windows XP support has ended does not mean that you should upgrade your laptop. If your laptop works fine then what you need to upgrade is your OPERATING SYSTEM. Minimally go for a Windows 7 or Windows 8 upgrade . This can be done by buying a genuine version of Windows from Microsoft and then either installing it yourself or getting it installed from your local technical support guy.

Although in future HP support might not entertain your support request for this laptop because you did something terrible which they did not permit but i guess that would be a small price to pay as you save some money by not upgrading your perfectly working laptop.

Instant gratification and GenXYZ

Whoever said that Gen X,Y,Z always crave instant gratification did not shop online in Indian websites. In the olden days, When ppl from my parents generation decided to buy anything for home, they use to follow the simple steps

  1. Arrange the money.
  2. Visit a store.
  3. Finalize the deal for whatever best is available in that store or nearby stores in the market (After all nobody wanted to go home empty handed).
  4. Pay for it.
  5. Get the thing home which you just paid for.

When Gen XYZ wants to buy a thing they follow these simple steps

  1. Search online for days sometime even months for the perfect model from their favorite brand.
  2. Search a zillion shopping sites which offer you a good deal, EMI option etc.
  3. Zero on the particular shopping site from which they want to buy.
  4. Wait for the new billing cycle to start on their credit cards.
  5. Finally on a fine day , click on the buy button.
  6. Wait for the online site to process your payment information for a day or two.
  7. Wait for the site to actually ship the item.
  8. Wait for the item to actually reach you . This can be a painful step as courier companies are known to extremely efficient and always seem to care about the customer’s time.
  9. At times, wait for few more days as your package could be stuck between 2 galaxies courtesy the courier guys.
  10. On the day when your stars are aligned, you finally get your hands on that package of yours.

Now comparing the shopping habits of this generation to their parents generation, it does not take a supercomputer from NASA to conclude which generation seeks instant gratification. Gen XYZ would win hands down and even the pre XYZ generation guys would also fully agree to that.

If some companies sold Bhelpuri

  1. Apple : Apple would only sell Rs 500 bhelpuri. They will be sold in a packet built with the high quality smooth paper. Each bhelpuri will be of the exact same dimensions. Bhel’s will be processed in a highly secret facility in Himalayas. Apple would only let approved places to sell its bhelpuri but would not approve any seller from any of the chowpati’s due to a company policy.
  2. Google : Google would not make the actual bhelpuri but will open source the recipe of bhelpuri so that any bhelpuri seller would be able to sell in their own packaging. Every package would have a Google Ad on it.
  3. Microsoft: Microsoft would not sell bhelpuris itself but would partner with other companies who would add extra ingredients and package it for them. Their bhelpuris would be so popular and overpriced that people would steal bhelpuris from the shop.
  4. Samsung: Samsung would make all of the bhelpuri packet designs similar to that used by Apple. There would be bhelpuri’s ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500. All Chowpati stores will have the Samsung bhelpuri’s.
  5. Micromax:  Micromax would get inspired by Samsung and other bhelpuri vendors.They would make one of the cheapest bhelpuri’s. They would manage to bring Amitabh Bachan to advertise their bhelpuris’.
  6. Nokia: It would take a long time for Nokia to even realize that people like to eat Bhelpuris. They would be selling only cold drinks till Samsung manages to take all its business. It would then partner with Microsoft and agree to sell and package Microsoft’s Bhelpuri’s.
  7. Oracle: They would add panipuri , Minerial water , some shoes a tie and a bhelpuri packet in a colorful big box and call it Exa-Bhel.
  8. IBM: They would only sell bhelpuris outside Business parks and to those people who have a tie.
  9. Indian IT service based companies: They will offer to prepare the bhelpuris without puris at the cheapest cost. Companies like IBM would add the required puris , improve the packaging and sell it.

God and the queues

Some very famous temples in India differentiate between rich and the poor through the system of different queues for different class of people. There could be a queue for those people who are ready to pay Rs 50 to meet the lord. There would be another queue of Rs 200 for some who think the price is worth it. The queue with  the highest price means that you get to go in the fastest. Fortunately there is a still a queue existing in such places which has no price tag attached to it but as they say there is no free lunch this queue means you get to spend a lot of time (sometimes even a whole day) with your “queue-mates”.

A part of me feels this practice is wrong as money should not come anywhere between you and God. The other part of me finds this human behaviour really funny. We manage to manipulate almost everything…even Mr God.

New year

The calendar has changed to a new year.Nothing much changes.The new year will not suddenly solve the old problems or change the way how things are done.

The issues would still exist in this new year. Some will cause damage. Others might not but they would still need attention.

There would have many other things for which I did not give enough attention in the year that passed but i now realise that I should have.

I hope i make this new year actually “new” by changing things for better,if i can. I hope i will at least try to sort out many of the things which have been messed up and which i have putting in the back burner the full last year.

I hope i will be successful in many of the things i tried last year but failed.

Its time for the “New year” 😉