Why Facebook resembles a overprotective mother!

  1. When i am quite for a few days, she gets worried and starts pestering my friends to send me a message.
  2. She force feeds me all types of information i would never need from my friends..like the one who thinks he is doing the world a favor by liking or sharing ever single article on the internet about United States invasion of Iraq.
  3. When i want to leave, she still gives me 14 days to rethink my decision and says that she will be waiting for me all the time to come back home.

Customer Service..SBI istyle

Public sector companies have their own definition of customer service. I got a taste of SBI’s customer service few days back. It started with a advertisement on SBI website. I have reproduced the text from ther advt below.

“OnlineSBI enables you to open a new account online. You can apply for a new account only in branches where you already have accounts….”

I applied for one. After 2 weeks I get a call from SBI..Tring Tring..

me: Hello

SBI branch clerk: Me SBI tun bolthe aahe

me: Bola

SBI: Tumhi Account opening che request taakle hota kaa?

me: Ho..

SBI (thundering): Tumhi aas karat jaau naka!

me: Kai zala madam, Online option hota account open karach site madhe..

SBI (again thundering) : Tyana kai aahe! tey kai pan detat site madhe..aamcha kaam vadtya hai na…. Teh asa nahi hoth account open..Tumala bank madhe yaylach lagel..

me (in fear): Okk madam..

I love public sector companies 😉

Fitting in the mould…

Ever wondered why as a child you had different talents, a curiosity for things which seems to be missing now. If you have managed to retain that curiosity then CONGRATULATIONS! Your are from the rare species.

I am sure from time to time we all experience a wave of situtations wherein we are faced with 2 choices.

1. Be original and do what you feel is right even if that means deviating from the regular route.

2. Do what is tried and tested  or in other words “Fit in the mould”

Somehow the system is designed so that most of us chose the first option and in the process of growing up lose some good things in life . Some bravehearts do opt for the 2nd option and are many times ridiculed or are called “Idoits” in plain words 🙂

What’s your take on this? Do you feel fitting in the mould secures your life or does that makes life less interesting. Is Option 1 everybody’s cup of tea ?

As I always say “Please enlighten” 🙂

Paisa re Paisa

Some time ago i had a post on Paisa,Passion which was a result of my trying to set the priorities for both. During the
discussion/debate/introspection few questions came up. An interesting point that came up during this whole process was about handling the feeling of guilt which came in when you saw others in need even for basic resources.

The following  questions makes an attempt to trigger the thought process for those who have still not thought about it.

  1. How much money do you want to make.
  2. Why do you want to make this much amount of money
  3. How will be others in need benefited by your wealth.

There is no right or wrong answer here. These would be the answers you may have to give to your kids someday 🙂 .

Your thoughts on this are welcome.


I regularly receive queries from my friends for a requirement of a particular blood group. Was thinking it would be kool if we had some database so that people could query for their blood requirement and they get to know someone with a exact match. Some googling and i found this really good site i.e indianblooddonors.com which serves the exact purpose.

To explain in plain English ,2 things can be done here

1. Donors can register for donating blood.

2.  Request for blood can be made by anybody who requires it.

Rediff also has a article about the founder here.

Go ahead and check this site out. The least one can do is continue to spread the word about this  so that it could make a difference to someone’s life.


A friend of mine had an interesting thing to share about the concept of normalization with me. Read on…

Dictionary.com has the following for the word normalization


–verb (used with object)

  • to make normal.

–verb (used without object)

  • to become normal; resume a normal state: Prices soon normalized after the war.

When he was a kid his parents used to perform the ritual of normalization when there was a fight between him and his kid brothers and sisters. This was to make them realize that they were equal.
When he was in the growing up stages he had realized quite early that no thing such as normalization exists in the outside bad bad world. After all some great guy did say..’Life is not fair’.Another one goes like ‘There are no free lunches’.

This was a real simple logic. You had to put in effort if you needed something.

No effort = No rewards
More effort = More rewards

Then he joined a BIG company. A interesting thing of this company’s HR campaign was that they had a concept of normalization that affected a small area. This area was the payslip part. The corporation made sure that none of its children a.k.a employees were left with any bitter feelings. about their pay check. It used to normalize their pay check amounts.

He was perplexed when he learned that his earlier equation for getting rewarded was not true now.
There were more complex hidden parameters which had to be considered in that equation. He being a poor engineer and not a rocket scientist struggled real hard and finally managed to create a modified version of his earlier equation

No effort = Good_chance_of_getting_rewarded * some_luck
More effort = Not_necessarily_more_rewards
E*mc2/ Normalization * Effort = More_rewards

The mystery was now solved. He had finally decoded the normalized truth of life. He was enlightened that no  matter how hard you try you can never be sure that you will get rewarded. Instead he was happy that he had good chances of getting rewarded with almost little effort as observed from the derived equation.

PS. He is still working on the E*mc2 part of the equation so presently he is not in a position to answer any questions about that.