Enviornmental friendly Ganesha idols …

One of my friends mailed me some pics showing the morning after ‘Ganesh Visrajan’ at some beach….Looking at the pics it feels like we really need to change our tradition of immersing mega size idols or we need to work something out immediately for creating environmental friendly idols.

If one is least concerned about the environment alteast he needs to fear the god whom he prays a day before and leaves his statue in such a state the next day.

Forgive us Ganesha.

Voting for wonders of the world ????

Personally i never liked the idea of selecting the wonders of the world by popular votes. The whole process never made any sense to me.what i feel a better way would have been was to form a panel of experts and let them decide since they have little more knowledge than the guy at the bus stop frantically SMSing his favorite wonder .

This whole thing could be a BIG scam by international telecom companies to increase their revenue….this may not be the truth…but who knows.

But as they say “All’s well that ends well”…..TAJ MAHAL has been selected as one of the new 7 wonders and I being an Indian feel really proud about it.

Wah Taj!

Apple iPhone!

Though I am not really an Apple fan..i really appreciate their creative department skills..What else can you tell when u take a look at the iPhone. I could only say one thing…Wow!….
I have not bothered to check more features of this product as i am sure it will be not anywhere my pocket permits .. 🙁 .
But full marks from me for the design and looks of the product !.

Here’s the official iPhone link.

Hello World!

Hello World! Since i am a programmer and from the time i have been learning some new technology the first thing as tradition states is to start with the classical ‘Hello World’. Its like worshipping Lord ‘Ganesha’ before performing any important activity in Indian Tradition….

Speaking of Tradition ..Here’s a picture of Lord Ganesha…..