Processes and my Office Canteen…..

If “Proper Process”is implemented in our office canteen like the way work happens in some big companies…..

  1. The canteen door would have the swipe card reader. On days when you forget the card you would be required to send a mail to the canteen admin .
  2. The admin may approve your request in the next 5-6 hours. If its a critical situation you request may be approved in 2-3 hours.
  3. Once in you would have to submit the LRF (Lunch Request Form) . Without this form no lunch will be served even in critical situations. You would be given an LRID(Lunch Request ID) on successfully filling the form.
  4. For any extras such as sweet dishes you would require to fill in the Supplements form and your LRID needs to be filled in else the request would be considered invalid.
  5. If you change your mind and would like to cancel you order you would need to fill up a LRCF (Lunch Request Cancellation Form) with your LRID mentioned in correctly. The order will only be cancelled only after the approval from admin.
  6. You should not forget to swipe you card upon exit else it will be treated as break hours and the corresponding salary will be cut from your salary.

With such kool “processes” in place every canteen …may be employees would stop eating food 😉

Diwali and Celebrations

All Hindus celebrate Diwali also known as Deepavali on a grand scale. The word Deepavali is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words Deepa – light and avali – a row in short “lights in a row”. No where in the words can one find a mention of sound. I don’t know when it started but some guys associated the festival with noise and there started the trouble. I am not against crackers but the present version of crackers and the amount of noise they produce does not make any sense to me. Its like more noise means you are celebrating in a better way. I fail to understand what kind of kiddish thinking is this. In fact the time i am writing this in background there goes a series of deafening sound bombs. Surprisingly many educated people have this type of thinking and this makes the situation even worse. I hope people do change their thinking about this and celebrate Diwali only as a festival of lights.

PS. Found one light hearted take on this topic at

Do you REALLY need to Drink/Smoke ????

Does, Not smoking and drinking alcohol make anybody immature or a child. ?? Well some of my “mature” friends do think so. Sure they get Cancers and many diseases as a gift along with their so called matureness .

Some research does suggest that moderate drinking may be actually good for health but i have seen people with their own version of “moderate” :)… this is matter of debate.

Here’s a health report from BBC’s website

Another one from

Looking at these reports one can say that it is not REALLY necessary to either drink or smoke and you can exist pretty well and also blog about other’s habits of drinking and smoking 😉 .