Fitting in the mould…

Ever wondered why as a child you had different talents, a curiosity for things which seems to be missing now. If you have managed to retain that curiosity then CONGRATULATIONS! Your are from the rare species.

I am sure from time to time we all experience a wave of situtations wherein we are faced with 2 choices.

1. Be original and do what you feel is right even if that means deviating from the regular route.

2. Do what is tried and tested  or in other words “Fit in the mould”

Somehow the system is designed so that most of us chose the first option and in the process of growing up lose some good things in life . Some bravehearts do opt for the 2nd option and are many times ridiculed or are called “Idoits” in plain words 🙂

What’s your take on this? Do you feel fitting in the mould secures your life or does that makes life less interesting. Is Option 1 everybody’s cup of tea ?

As I always say “Please enlighten” 🙂