Why I dont always like a Facebook Like

Scenario: A famous personality passes away.

Real life: People offer condolences and pray for his soul.

Facebook:  Half a million people like it!

Check the below image from my Facebook feed for proof – 13k Likes for the news about sad demise of our former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.


I am not sure why this is so hard for people to understand but i have seen multiple times the same thing occur.

This post is my attempt to educate such Facebook users that liking a post means literally when you LIKE something. It is NOT NECESSARY to like each and every post on Facebook. There is no law in India or in any other country which jails you for not liking a post. For humanity’s sake , apply  0.0001% of the wonderful thing available to you i.e your brain and think before you press the Like button.

Sharing a sad news is perfectly OK and is normal. Liking it is NOT considered OK by normal human beings.

Something at stake

Got some practical entrepreneurship Gyan yesterday from a friend over lunch time discussion.

You can never achieve your goals as an entrepreneur till you have something at stake.

It could be money, house or your self respect. Prior to this discussion i was working on a “zero budget” or “low budget” idea. I am a changed man now 🙂