Lets Rock!

U have installed u r favorite Linux Distribution and now r ready to rock. The next thing required would be something which can play your precious music collection. In the Windows world Winamp was the good old music player. The good news is that there’s a similar application available called XMMS. It was written to be a clone of Winamp. It looks similar , it can even use Winamp skins, so that u feel at home when using it.
Here’s a screen shot. Can u tell the difference ????

Office Office…

I keep on hearing many success stories of Windows to Linux migration . I feel some major credit should go to OpenOffice for making these migrations successful (atleast for non-technical users) .

Any Office package mainly consists of a Word processor, a Spreadsheet software and most probably a Presentation software. There are many packages available in Linux which can be called as an Office package. I personally feel OpenOffice is the best one can get in the Linux world, although there are many who hate OpenOffice for being bloated and terribly slow. I wouldn’t oppose this argument coz these are true to a certain extent but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

The official site is at http://www.openoffice.org

At last what matters is personal taste…and the best of the lot can only be found by experimenting.

Fedora Menu Editor

I have been using Gnome 2.14 with Fedora core 5 for some time but recently felt the need to edit menus. At that point I realized that a simple menu editor was missing for Gnome. I tired to look in the menus but could find nothing. At last i googled for the info and found some piece of info which made me laugh at myself. The editor was sitting right in front of me but i couldn’t notice it. Actually it was not fully my fault . The editor is only accessible if u ‘Right Click’ on the Feodra Logo sitting usually on the top left corner of u r screen (unless u have changed it) . The logo can be seen in the following image.

The Menu editor looks as follows

This is a basic Menu editor but is sufficient for the job most of the times.