Paisa, Passion..

2 P’s …which play a very important role in deciding the job you are in.

Paisa- The one ‘P’ you cannot do without ( except when you dad has lots of that)

Passion – The other ‘P’ (which is technically not required) when present  can make life a lot easier.

What do you work for ? Is it possible to combine the 2 P’s and live a happy life. ? What do you feel is the ideal percentage of both to make life a “Star bucks”  ? 🙂

This is a “food for thought”  post with me expecting all the answers so that poor souls like me can be enlightened.

5 thoughts on “Paisa, Passion..”

  1. ???
    Well…I feel, you can pursue your passion without giving too much importance to ‘Paisa’ only if you are willing to make some major adjustment with your life and lifestyle. (very few people are able to do that…its not practical for every one)

    If not, remember that you can pursue your passion once you have enough of Paisa. The ratio of Paisa to Passion may be 70:30 at the moment, but then you have to lose something to gain something. Important thing is to remember your final goal and not get frustrated or depressed but just be happy, remember you are in control of the situation and have chosen this path at the moment, that s not your final destination…
    So, even if you run after money at the moment, you should know where and when to stop your money chase and start pursuing your passion. Its very easy to get carried away once you get into a money chase. So, don’t let that happen 🙂

    This is not meant to enlighten you… 🙂 just my way of thinking…feeling so philosophical…

  2. I have always felt that “Paisa” follows “Passion”. Most people don’t do things only for money. There’s usually some minimum requirements that needs to be fulfilled for someone to pick a job and stick with it, but beyond that, the things we do are expressions and reflections of who we are and what we love and the impact we wish to make, not egotistical acts designed to earn a few extra dollars.

    All things being equal, people pick what pays the best. All things being equal, people buy the cheapest one. Fortunately for us, all things are rarely equal. All people don’t sign up to work at Microsoft. Most of the meaning and activity in our lives comes from the things we do because we want to do, or the choices we make about work, not the financial advantage we enjoy to support ourselves.

  3. Well, good that you started this discussion here. I know what triggered you to start this discussion but it was also about the happiness, ethics, principals, emotional attachment etc apart from “Paisa” and passion. I think unless we take these into consideration this discussion will be incomplete.

    My point of view is that one earns “paisa” while he is passionate about the work he is doing without sacrificing on his ethics and also earns happiness as he is emotionally attached to this. All these are coherent. One can not think this in isolation.

    “Paisa” is important but I can not only think about it without other attributes that I mentioned above. Otherwise what would be the difference between us and !@#$ workers that you find on grant road? These people are also earning money but are they passionate about what they are doing? Do they have ethics left in life? Do they enjoy the work that they are doing? Does their work bring happiness to them as they are not emotionally attached?

    One is always short of “Paisa” when he is earning 5K per month or 1 CR a month. It is about the life style that we choose. You can be happy with 5K and you can not be happy with 1 CR as well.

    I am keeping this discussion open and may have one more round once I see replies from others.

  4. I am no guru to enlighten anyone but my personal opinion based on my short professional experiences so far is Paisa in today’s world although a very important component in one’s person’s life, is not the whole and soul.

    I believe with Passion and dedication Paisa follows, however for which some sacrifices and calculated risks are needed and is a silghtly longer/harder way compared to if you were born with a rich god father.

    It is the lifestyle you choose to live whether you earn 10K or 10 Lac that matters and if your our happy with ycur current non-materialistic lifestyle then devote a higher percentage to Passion which will eventually give you Paisa.

    But also remeber Paisa has it’s own importance however small the amount maybe as at the end of day/month that’s what we work/look forward to and so if although you maybe very passionate in your work for the company but is the company passionate enough about it’s individuals and capabale of recongnising that passion and rewarding it.

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